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Alexander & Wissotzky

Tanya Wissotzky (1959-2006) and Alexander Galtchansky (1959-2008) were born in the same year, 1959, in Crimea (U.S.S.R.). Their careers began in art school. Alexander studied in Dnepropetrovsk, and Wissotzky in Simferopol. They continued their studies at the Kiev Institute of the Arts; Wissotzky as a painter and Alexander as a book illustrator. After the two were married, they immigrated to Israel. Finding themselves in a drastically different place and situation, they united their creative activities and began a collaboration.

The work of Alexander and Wissotzky has received widespread acclaim and is featured in public and private collections worldwide. Some of their exhibitions include: Art Expo New York; BLD New York; Galaxy Gallery in Gotenburg, Sweden; Geissing Design Institution in Hamburg, Germany; and a permanent exhibition at the Binyanei Hauma, in Jerusalem.