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Dima Olesh, known as "Dim", was born in 1968 in Novosibirsk, Russia. As a teenager, school was not a top priority for Dim; he instead, made use of his vivid imagination and his graphic abilities drawing caricatures and creating comic strips.

After high school and a stint in the army, Dim return to his native city and turned his childhood hobby into a profession by becoming an animator. At that time, animation was not done by computers but manually, which required great skill. He credits his time as an animator with providing him the tools he would later use to realize his artistic goals.

In 1995, Dim emigrated to Israel, settling in Tel Aviv, where he began dealing in sketching and drawing on glass using etching techniques. In parallel, he continued his artistic development, focusing on art based on a mixed watercolor sketching technique.

Dim participated in a number of group exhibitions in galleries in Israel and around the world. Continuing to develop his craft over the years, Dim was drawn to making expressionist continuous-line sketches. As he himself puts it, "It is the pen who leads me, rather than I leading the pen. When I try to delve too much on a shape, the results are less authentic".

Dim currently lives in Tel Aviv with his wife, a jewelry artist in her own right, and their three children