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Alexander Ishchenko

Alexander Ishchenko was born in 1958 and raised in Ukraine. He discovered his passion for art and drawing at a young age, and studied the field of fantasy, with an emphasis on "OGRE" - an artistic world of surrealistic fantasy characters, books and games. Ishchenko completed his degree at the School of Art in Hmelnitzky, Ukraine, and after completing his academic studies began to work and devote his life as an artist.

Ishchenko painting technique is complex and unique. In his works, he uses acrylic paints on rice paper, where the uniqueness of this method is completely manually processing of the rice paper, before applying the background. The method originally came from hundreds of years ago from countries such as Vietnam, Korea and Japan, where rice paper was then used for art drawing as a primary substitute, instead of the usual paper we are familiar nowadays.

His works are sold as private collections around the world in Canada, the US, Russia and throughout Europe, alongside works sold in Israel.