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Alexandra Nechita

Born in Romania in 1985, Alexandra Nechita immigrated to the United States in 1987. Though only two years old, Alexandra already showed signs of artistic interests. She drew with pen and ink and constantly filled up the coloring books her parents gave her. When they grew concerned that she wasn’t going outside enough or playing with other children, they stopped buying the coloring books, but Alexandra began drawing on her own on blank computer paper anyway. By the age of five she was using watercolor paints and by seven she was mastering oils and acrylics. At only eight years old in 1994, she was offered her first solo exhibit at a local public library. Her abstract Cubist creativity was immediately well-received, and the prestigious Mary Paxon Gallery, a non-profit gallery in Los Angeles, quickly invited her to exhibit her work. By 1995, she was gathering media attention and was asked to appear on “CBS Sunday Morning,” where she appeared nonchalant and casual. As if unimpressed by her own skill, the “petite Picasso” explained, “I'm just a normal child. I go to school, I come back, I start painting.”

The incredible artwork that has resulted from this skill and nonchalance tend to attract the attention of anyone who sees them. While obviously influenced by the work of Picasso, Alexandra has subtly incorporated styles of many artists, as well as alluding to the movements of Cubism, Futurism, Dadaism, and Surrealism. However, while the similarity to these artists and movements is apparent in her artwork, they never dominate; Alexandra has developed a style all her own that is collected around the world. She was recently selected as the official artist for the 39th Grammy Awards and continues to work with The Special Olympics and other charities. Alexandra belongs to a community of some of the greatest artists of the century, as she was invited to work with the Mourlot Press to produce some of her work. This places her among a select few who have received this honor before, including Picasso, Chagall, Miro, and Matisse. Such an honor is indicative of her skill, talent, and dedication to the world of fine art.