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Born in Almeria, Spain in 1973, Almeriane and her family moved to the suburbs of Paris when she was still a young child. Fascinated by bright colors and shapes, Almeriane began drawing at the early age of three. After she was done with her schooling, Almeriane moved back to her hometown of Almeria, Spain and began experimenting with a variety of media, eventually settling on oils and watercolors. While in Spain, Almeriane developed her own artistic style called “Art-Nouveau Andaluz,” which is inspired by the beauty of the Andalousian landscape and Mediterranean culture.

Almeriane eventually returned to France and began to extensively exhibit her work at prestigious galleries like Le Salon National de Beaux-Arts in the Louvre and The Grand Palais. Outside of France, Almeriane has exhibited her works in Austria, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Almeriane’s “Art-Nouveau Andaluz” style has won her many awards, including “la Toile d’Or” in 2006, and her work is also featured in the private collection of the King of Spain.