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Anatoly Petkevich

Anatoly Petkevich was born in 1969 in a small town in the heart of Belarus surrounded by a mixture of serene forests, rivers, meadows, and ruins of old castles. Anatoly fondly recalls his childhood home, filled with paintings of Belarus landscapes painted by his mother and grandmother. As a child he was enrolled in music school and played the trombone every day. At age 18 he began a 3 year obligation with the army and was sent to Siberia.

His career as an artist began after his battalion commander requested posters to be painted; Anatoly volunteered and was enlisted to paint images of tanks, soldiers, nearby landscapes and portraits of officers.

After three years as an army artist, Anatoly ventured to Minsk (the capital of Belarus) where he attended the prestigious Belarus Fine Art Academy. After graduation, Anatoly decided to continue his studies on his own primarily working as a plein air artist traveling extensively throughout Belarus, which remains his favorite place to paint.

Anatoly has received numerous awards from juried shows and participants in prestigious one-man and group exhibitions throughout Russia and Europe. He is well known for his portrait of many notable personalities of Belarus.