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Augustine was born in New Hampshire in 1976 to a family of "musical movers and shakers" who encouraged him to explore his artistic impulses. It was an environment filled with the kind of creative energy that enabled him express himself freely as a child, and Augustine intuitively turned towards the arts rather than academics, becoming obsessed with sketching during his adolescent years. He spent many days in school fascinated by what he could do with his pencil and paper, sketching trees and anything else he could imagine rather than taking notes - which of course, didn't make his teachers very happy. He did, however, excel in Art and Music classes.

Augustine was soon drawn to the Deljou Art Group in Atlanta, Georgia, where he continues to fascinate others with his abstract art pieces. He has a real passion for seeing every artistic vision he has through to fruition - from conception to completion. A favorite technique is the encaustic process, which is essentially using hot wax infused with a variety of pigments, so that the color used on a canvas can also be shaped. “The creative play of creating new artistic techniques intrigues me every day,” Augustine says. “The pieces I create have an earthy, natural depth that is very satisfying to me. Expanding these techniques to evolve my work is what I’m after.”

Augustine has been published By the New York Graphic Society and has been featured in prestigious industry art shows such as Art Expo New York.