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Bela Bodo

Bela Bodo was born in Budapest Hungary in 1936. As a youth he very much enjoyed viewing the statues, paintings and drawings that were in hi father’s studio. His family noticed early on that young Bodo was extremely talented. By the age of 8 he already sold his first painting to a family member. From that point on he was strongly supported in his artistic endeavors.

Bela Bodo grew up during the Second World War. Bela’ father was captured and sent to a Russian prison and since his mother had died when he was 4, he was sent to live with his grandmother. Bodo was able to help support the family by selling his paintings to the soldiers in exchange for food while at school. “I was one of the few kids who never had to worry about whether I would have lunch.” Says Bodo.

At the age of 15, Bela Bodo enrolled in the Budapest Academy and had the opportunity to receive personal instructions from the Istvan Csok who is regarded as Hungary’s most notable artist of the 20th century.

When asked about the allure of his art, Bela said "What makes my art appealing is the texture with which I complement every painting." "Texturing a painting doubles the amount of pigment required, but it adds to the depth and impact of the composition."