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Carlos Ferreyra



Born in 1937 in Santa Fe, Argentina, Carlos Ferreyra is a self-taught artist. By the time he was nine years old, his teachers would ask him to draw illustrations of folk tales from books, using colored chalk on the blackboard in the drama room. At the age of 15 he became part of the cast of independent theater in Argentina, where he became an actor, as well as a director. But it was years later, when he focused only on his painting. His father was a carpenter, and it was from him, Ferreyra assures, that he inherited "the noble occupation of working with his hands".

After thirty years of expressing himself in ways that ranged from drawings to oil and from portraiture to abstract, Carlos Ferreyra not only developed a unique painting technique, but also created a body of work that interprets the moods and events of an entire culture. With his works of art, Ferreyra honors everyday life, the dignity of the common job and the humility of simple things. Here, he opens a window for us to see his memories, to glance at a moment frozen in time, which in many ways becomes a memory of our own past that we might have taken for granted.
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