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Carlos Passaro

Carlos Passaro was born in Peru. He is described as a “natural” impressionist painter with a unique vision entirely his own. Carlos struggled through school in his youth because of his insistence that his individualism be displayed foremost in his work. By the time he turned 20; however, Carlos was able to support himself well through selling his artwork. Not only was he incredibly talented, but the speed with which he worked allowed him to present an amazing work in less time than normally required. But as he has grown, Carlos has adopted a more mature technique and he has been welcomed by the prestigious galleries, such as the Museo de Arte and the Galeria America, that had formerly criticized his style. In addition to his other accomplishments, Passaro is also a well known muralist with more than a dozen large murals in prominent locations. His honors include a gold medal at a competition organized by the Museo Andres Avelino Caceres and Honorable Mention at the Club Lambayeque and Colegio Mercedarias among others.