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Caroline Young

Art master Caroline Young breathes the rarified air of the few illustrious masters of the "Delicate Style" technique of Ancient Oriental painting. Young's images are magnificently hypnotic - indeed, she mixes her own colors to achieve her one of a kind luscious look. Each piece is created on decadent, multi-layered artist's paper that mesmerizes with subtly embossed patterns, and glistens with the rippling glitter of perhaps a fine photograph mixed with exotic silks. Young's art focuses on interpreting the drama, romance, and magic of the mythology and history of ancient China and Japan. She was born in Hong Kong and moved to Hawaii to attend the University of Hawaii, majoring in French. She met Lam Oi Char, a powerful mentor who inspired her to change her major to art and to become a professional. Young was often called the "female counterpart of Otsuka", a well known male Japanese silk painter; but whereas he prefers the kipula, the inner lining of the kimono, she paints on raw silk.