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Charles Lynn Bragg

Born into an artistic family, Charles Lynn “Chick” Bragg began exploring his talents at a young age. His father, Charles Bragg, is well known for his creative and expressive etchings. After studying at the University of California, Los Angeles, Pierce College, and Los Angeles City College, Chick spent his time painting wildlife, abstract, and surrealist paintings. He focused on expressing his concerns about the planet, the environment, and conservationism through his artistic skills; Chick explained that “I want to make a point, but I want people to enjoy the art at the same time.” He has also begun to create in the style of his father, producing beautiful, delicate, and detailed etchings that carry his own mark as well as some of his family’s inherent talents.

Chick has taught various media, including computer graphics, painting, lithography, and etching and he continues to create remarkable artwork in all these fields and more. His work can be found in both private and public collections worldwide, as well as in magazines and conservation campaigns.