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Christine Rosamond

Born and raised in Southern California, Christine Rosamond’s artistic talent was closeted in her youth, but once she broke into the art scene in 1972, she became an internationally-acclaimed marvel. Rosamond, an entirely self-taught painter, first displayed her work at small Los Angeles street fair, where she was discovered in 1972. It was not long before she was earning attention all across the United States and by 1976 she was the most published artist in the world, even surpassing Norman Rockwell and Salvador Dali. Eventually, some of her original oil paintings would sell for as much as $100,000, although Rosamond would not live long enough to see that; she drowned in 1994 when she was only 46 years old and still in the prime of her artistic career.

Known simply as “Rosamond,” the artist has touched people with her art even since her tragic passing. This is, in part, because she invited the viewer to be involved in the artistic process. She popularized the use of negative space and pure, simple lines in her paintings, allowing the viewer to fill in the gaps with their own experience. A great part of this experience was the evolution of femininity in the United States at this time, which was often portrayed in Rosamond’s soft yet powerful paintings. “Her artwork,” as Stacey Pierrot once explained, “crystallized the emergence of women from their traditional roles. She expressed herself as she was evolving as a woman or individual … American society was evolving with her.”

With the feminine spirit and motherhood as a pivotal aspect of her work, she reached out to huge audiences in the U. S. and around the world. Rosamond Gallery in Carmel, California continues to produce limited edition fine art prints of Christine Rosamond’s work, continuing her beautiful legacy.