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Danielle Yvonne Reeder

Born and raised surrounded by the natural beauty of Englewood, Colorado, Danielle Yvonne Reeder has been passionate about art since her youth. Reeder began drawing when she was first able to hold a pencil; she still remembers living the Disney movie The Little Mermaid and trying to draw the heroine in different poses and with different expressions. In middle school Reeder became interested in a combination of realist and fantasy art, particularly enthralled by the work of Boris Vallejo. When she was a little older, she explored a mixture of realism and abstract art. Having spent years trying out varied styles of art, she is now able to change from one to the other with ease and display her talents in various forms.

Although she was self-taught throughout her younger years, Reeder continues to refine and explore her talents while enrolled at the Art Instructions School of Minneapolis. Between the two methods of art education, she has worked in countless styles and media. She particularly enjoys creating fantasy, surreal, and abstract art, as well as nude work and realism pieces. Reeder has worked with graphite, pastels, sculpture, beading, and oil, gouache, and acrylic paints, and is constantly delving into new media to keep developing her style and her skills and continuously make interesting art. Reeder enjoys creating beautiful work and is impassioned by it. As she explains, “We were given life so that we could contribute to it, to give it substance, to leave an echo of our selves behind for others to look at and say ‘I'm glad that person lived.’ I chose to do this with art. Art is not just a part of my life, for me it is life; it is why I am here.”