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Eugene Poliarush

Eugene Poliarush (born 29 January 1985) is a Ukrainian painter. He was born in Dnepropetrovsk, the third-largest city of Ukraine.
Poliarush was born an artist. In his early ages, his professors already recognized his talent with the brush. Everyone was amazed with his gift and hard work. Every day Eugene stayed after school in the art room and practice more and more. Since he was young, Eugene believed that a painting must be perfect and completed with a lot of work and sweat. His professors could not understand why every painting takes his so much time to finish because they could not see his vision of art.
In the year 2003, Eugene decided to leave Ukraine and pursue his career in Paris. He attended one of the main universities in Paris for art. In the university he leaned about modern artists and famous Impressionists, but the artist that caught his attention the most was Salvador Dali. Eugene was always painting in the surrealism style, and he admired Dali’s works because of his creativity and imagination.
While Eugene Poliarush graduated from his university, he had really hard time to keep up with his vision. He had no money and support from his family and decided that he has to take art to the next level. He started knocking on doors and asking from galleries to present his art. He received many negative responses until a dealer from Israel saw his potential and decided to take his art to the artexpo New York. It was a huge success and Eugene became a well-known artist around the world. Since this day, his art is presented in different exhibitions and in private shows around the world.
Eugene defines a perfect painting as a painting that activate all your five senses. A paintings that makes you feel and smell the scene. He would finish a painting only when he looks at the painting and feel his dreams again. In every painting Eugene is trying to take you into an emotional journey of his dreams.