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Gordon Bauwens



Born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1951, Gordon Bauwens' deep passion for ships and their environment was clearly kindled by his proximity to the River Clyde. As a schoolboy, he could often be found cycling among the River's docklands and shipyards - birth place of many of the world's greatest ships. Early paintings based on these images won him gold and bronze medals in regional schools art competitions.

When employed in Y.ARD Ltd, a marine engineering consultancy, Gordon's keen interest in ships helped him develop his own distinctive style in ship illustration, while gaining qualifications in technical graphics. Later, as a graphic designer for Education, he could clearly see the cranes of the former John Brown Shipyard from the studio he managed in Clydebank. Inspired by this, old passions resurfaced and Gordon started painting marine subjects again in his own time for pleasure, and as his work became known, on a commercial freelance basis.

Gordon Bauwens has earned a reputation for accuracy and meticulous attention to detail - qualities greatly valued in maritime art. Various examples of Gordon's work have hung in prominent positions in Cunard's offices and reproductions of the artist's works have been purchased by customers in over 30 countries around the world to date.
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