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Hiro Yamagata

Born May 30, 1948 in the Shiga Prefecture of Japan, Hiro Yamagata is widely known as one of the world's most talented silkscreen artists. He also has a growing reputation for his innovative use of laser and light in his numerous creations. Having experimented with laser as a high school student in the Sixties, he was already winning awards by the time he graduated.

Moving to Paris as a young man, Yamagata eventually settled in Los Angeles in 1978, where soon he earned his fame as a master silkscreener using exceptionally vivid colors. He was tapped as an official artist for two Olympics (1984, 1996) and for a host of other high profile commemorations, such as the Statue of Liberty Centennial (1986), and the Eiffel Tower Centennial (1988), and was he was chosen to lend his artistry to the 2000 Grammy Awards as well.

With music composition, film making and writing a book with Arnold Schwarzenegger all under his belt, this true Renaissance Man has even collaborated with NASA - 2003's "Art&SPACE Exhibition-Hiro Yamagata and the World of NASA"! Yamagata, a beloved forerunner of the renaissance of Contemporary American Art, continues to live and work in Los Angeles, creating and exhibiting his art all over the world.