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Hugues Claude Pissarro

Hugues Claude Pissarro is the grandson of the Impressionist painter. Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine and immersed in an artistic environment, he spent his childhood and youth exploring his artistic side. Staying true to a family tradition his father often took Hugues on painting excursions, along with his artist friends. These trips proved to have a lasting effect on Pissarro. First taught by his father, Hugues exhibited his work at the early age of fourteen. Hugues work evolved through a range of different styles and techniques – including abstract, avant garde, minimalist and conceptual art. He is now perhaps best known for his Impressionist-style works, known collectively as “Petit Claude, which have been exhibited all over the world since 1985. Dividing his time between Ireland and Normandy, and working by choice, invirtual solitude has not caused him to be out of touch with the world of art. In fact it is quite the contrary, he is a valued and respected contributor to several art publications.