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Ilan Hasson

Ilan Hasson was born in 1958 in a Moshav, Israel. His interest in art was sparked at a young age and his career began at the age of sixteen while attending Avni Art school in Tel-Aviv. He continued his artistic studies and endeavors at the Tel-Chai school of Art in Galilee.

In 1986 Hasson began developing a style that would emphasize the characteristics and ambient nature of the Mediterranean. His works take on the appearance of layers and depth in which he is able to tell you a story guided through his creations. Hasson works in a variety of techniques such as water colors, Goash, Acrylics, Japanese ink and Enamel colors. He also incorporates the use of hand made paper in the paintings, which becomes an integral part of the Originals.

Ilan's artistic themes come from Jewish subjects fount in the Bible, the Talmud, the Passover Haggada, the Kabbalah as well as delving into the landscapes of Israel.