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Irv Wiener

Artist, Irv Wiener (1922-2021), was the quintessential renaissance man; a world traveller, having visited 129 countries collecting art; a former swing band musician and WWII veteran who put his talent to work in the field by regaling wartime troops with his clarinet; and a successful business man who co-owned a Southern Californian furniture emporium, and who made a "pile of cash" investing in company's behind "Star Wars" and Ceasar's Palace.

But it wasn't until later in life that the Cleveland native transitioned from collecting art to creating it. Wiener had just retired and moved to a spacious condo in Tarzana with his wife and he was going stir crazy. A friend suggested he start painting. Wiener replied, "I can’t even draw a straight line."

But paint he did. After two art classes, the tubes started flowing and the canvases began piling up. Friends and family admired the free form, expressionistic faces he painted and his work began to trickle into galleries from Beverly Hills to New York to London.

Wiener painted all the way into his 90's, even after moving into a retirement home in Woodland Hills with his wife. Wiener past away in 2021.