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J.D. Parrish

J.D. Parrish was raised living the life of a nomad. With a father in the international construction field, Parrish was never in one city for more than one year. When he was 15, however, Parrish's family moved to Western Samoa so he could attend high school. Because his high school did not offer fine art classes, Parrish’s first exposure to fine art did not happen until college. It was at this time that Parrish became enamored with the works of the Old Masters and Classical paintings of the 19th century. As museums became his second home, Parrish also began to devote much of his time to his own craft, specifically mastering the human figure, believing that any emotion can be evoked through the human form.

Parrish then studied art formally at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he graduated in 1986. Now equipped with strong artist training, Parrish was able to conquer any medium. This soon led to a short-lived career in Los Angeles as an illustrator. Eventually, though, Parrish decided to pursue his art full-time, so he moved to Arizona in 1988, a more secluded place in which he could fully dedicate himself to his craft. Much success has come from this career upheaval: Parrish’s paintings and sculptures have shown throughout the world.