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Jim Pearson

In a world where so many people are lost as to what to do with their lives, Jim Pearson considers himself fortunate to have known from a young age what his passion is. Pearson began drawing when he was only four years old and although he only had half a year of formal art education in high school, he has continued to draw and paint, refining and expanding his skills. In 1985 Pearson opened his own business, “Touch of Art,” to involve himself in the commercial aspects of art; he has been commissioned to create art, logos, and murals for countless businesses and private clients. He continues to create stunning wildlife and animal paintings as well as portraiture and landscapes of the American Southwest.

As a self-taught artist, Pearson has used numerous artistic media but he generally uses airbrush, brush, pencil, and pastels. He mostly paints with airbrush because, as he says, “I generally prefer the challenge of the airbrush. The airbrush, on a fine art level, allows me to achieve the look of realism in my paintings.” Pearson finds this realism a crucial part of his artwork. Specializing in wildlife and animals, he enjoys painting nature because “There is nothing phony about nature. If you really pay attention, it speaks to you without saying a word.” To relate that feeling, he tries to make his paintings as accurate to nature as possible.

Pearson’s paintings are piercing and beautiful, commanding the attention of anyone who sees them. While the artist strives for realism, his paintings are so powerful that many people have many emotional interpretations of his work. Whatever your interpretation, Pearson says, “My hope is, at the very least, my work will provoke thought. The ultimate goal is to stir one’s spirit.”