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Joel Osborne

Joel Osborne has been painting for his whole life. Most of his artwork depicts sunsets, landscapes, and light houses, which he creates using bright hues and bold color schemes; although he creates small pieces as well, Osborne enjoys creating large murals. He often uses his own photography to begin or develop his paintings.

Now over sixty-five years old, Osborne works in acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints, in addition to using ink, digital photography, and mixed media to produce his stunning creations. Mostly self-taught, he took a few art courses in high school and junior college, but he eventually when into a career as a mechanic. Osborne didn’t begin selling his paintings until he retired from this job at the age of 57 years old, but his work has been admired and collected since then. One of his remarkable murals hangs in a physical therapy room at the Pasadena Pain Clinic in Pasadena, California. Most artists only hope that their artwork can affect and assist people who are in pain, while for Osborne, it is simply a matter of course.