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Jon Rattenbury

Born in Cheltenham, England in 1966, Jon Rattenbury was born into an artistic family as his mother and his grandmother were both talented musicians. When Rattenbury was three years old, his family relocated to Northern California. Here, Rattenbury spent much of his youth exploring the lush landscape, which would prove to be his artistic inspiration for years to come. Essentially self-taught, Rattenbury began drawing at an early age, and began painting with oils and acrylics at age 13. It soon became evident that his calling was in the fine arts.

After graduating from school, Rattenbury began working in a number of artistic industries. He designed stained glass, retouched photos in a studio, and worked in the printing industry, all while honing his skill in fine painting. In the 1990's, Rattenbury was finally able to display his work in a gallery in Southern California and this inspired him to pursue painting as a full-time career. In 2004, he founded Rattenbury Fine Arts, and has been publishing his own work ever since. Rattenbury’s work is continuously displayed all over the world with especially frequent showings in the United States and Japan.