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Lauren Cole Abrams

Since her youth, Lauren Cole Abrams has been passionate about art. Whether sculpting in the mud, finger painting, or careful drawing, Abrams always enjoyed working with her hands. In terms of painting, she loves creating trompe l’oeil painting, using tricks of the eye and of the brush to bring two-dimensional art to life. She often paints on unusual surfaces, as well, such as box tops and tables to make people using these everyday objects look twice.

Abrams also has a business of creating intricate and personalized purse handles. “I have always loved wearable art,” she explains. “The idea of expressing my personal sense of beauty by what I wear or carry led me to try to make my hand at purses. After doing much research, I was disappointed at the choices that I found for handles, so I decided to make my own.” The complicated process begins with sketching and drawing before she sculpts the handles in polymer clay. She then makes RTV molds and casts them in resins, tinting them with metal, dyes, and colorant to create unique, stunning accessories. Each piece is made by hand and embellished with painting, staining, and buffing. In this way, Abrams brings her lifetime of graphic arts and painting to her career, creating beautiful pieces to decorate people’s lives.