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Leo Breslau

Born in New York City in 1909, Leo Breslau was a prolific painter. Usually painting with acrylics and occasionally in oils, Breslau’s creations spanned many motifs. He often used a different nom de plum for different styles and subjects. Among them were “P. Etienne,” which he used for his seasonal landscapes, “Nelson” for his seascapes, “Landis” for his flower fields, and “Brent” for his abstract collages. He also painted under the names, "Putnam," "Eros," "Elise," "Bennet," "Bach," "L. Wells," "Nancy," "Lavour," "Adrian," "Michele," "Dione," "Klarel," "Bert," "Krause," and "Leon." He lived most of his life in New York City, but as he grew older he moved to Florida, where he passed away in 2005. During his lifetime and since his passing, Breslau has been a national treasure and in 1934 his painting “Plowing,” was placed in the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC.