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Leonard Wren

Living with his family on the coast of the Pacific Northwest, artist Leonard Wren finds constant inspiration in his beautiful surroundings. With only less than a year of formal training, this gifted artist has spent a lifetime absorbing the works and techniques of his favorites - Picasso, Monet and Renoir to name a few. With great self discipline, Wren has developed and mastered his own style, a beautiful marriage of deft brushstrokes and a color palette that gives rise to beautiful sun drenched landscapes dappled with cool shadow and shade. He says, "Do not believe that art can be put into a single category, that it must be this or that." Wren's exquisite pieces each evoke a mood, a feeling of a certain place or time that inspires a sense of calm, and an appreciation of great beauty.

In addition to exhibits and shows, Wren also specializes in hosting workshops for scores of avid fans and collectors. He delights in allowing art lovers to watch him create a masterpiece right before their eyes. "Beauty is an emotional force," he says, "and if we find the technical means to express it, such emotion will be felt."