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Lior Yahav

Lior Yahav was born in 1973 in a suburb of Tel Aviv. Most of his family were dedicated to art in some way; the manufacture of authentic jewelry, and painting. His father and uncle worked for over fifty years in the professional restoration and framing of paintings. Lior was exposed to art from his early years, and already as a youngster he saw it as his calling.

Lior took up painting in his teens and eventually France where he moved to France, where he began his formal education at Pau University's Department of Art.

Lior returned to Tel Aviv when he was in his early 30s, where he pursued his painting career while at the same time continuing his art studies at Ascola College in the city. Upon completing his academic courses, he studied with the famed hyper-realistic artist Adam Gershoni. This artist exerted a great influence on Lior's artistic style, especially his technical abilities and his artistic worldview.

Lately, Lior's style has undergone some changes. He now attempts to paint the characters that make up the composition in his paintings using a technique that is less realistic and more expressionistic and freer.