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Mike Kungl

California native Mike Kungl says he knew he wanted to be an artist at age four, when he used his mother's lipstick as paint on the living room couch - his choice for a canvas. Moving on to more effective media, Kungl graduated from Spokane Falls College of Art, with a degree in graphic design. He began a successful career in advertising where he produced award-winning logos and package designs for companies like Panasonic, Johnson and Johnson, Toshiba, and Nissan Motors. After 20 years of advertising success, Kungl decided to make fine art his full-time vocation. Soon after this career change, Kungl was chosen to create the official artwork for Miami Beach’s 25th annual Art Deco Weekend, and his success has since skyrocketed. Along with his personal original art, Kungl has also created work for Disney Fine Art.

Kungl likes to incorporate chrome and metallic elements into his work to give them an Art Deco feel, and his goal in creating each piece is to “produce work that I’m personally going to have fun designing and painting…when it’s complete, my goal is having the audience be just as entertained looking at it as I was creating it.” Kungl’s work is widely collected around the world, including the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia, and his pieces have been featured in magazine article and television shows.