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Mikulas Kravjansky



Mikulas Kravjansky was born in Czechoslovakia, May 3, 1928, he studied art and scenography at the Academy of Muses Art in Czechoslovakia. He was primarily interested in set and costume design, designing interiors and graphic art. He was a chairman of the art department of the State Television and created many designs for operas, ballets and theatrical productions.

Before leaving Europe in 1968 his designs and paintings were exhibited in Prague, Budapest and Vienna. Internationally he has had shows from Paris and Berlin to Cairo and the Sao Paulo Brennala. Since his arrival in America, he has had exhibitions in New York and Toronto as well as a traveling show of his works throughout South America.

Mikulas Kravjansky dabbles in a plethora of artistic mediums and subject matter, including: Landscapes, paintings, Intaglio, Engravings, Prints, Oils, Metaphysic pictures, Floral pictures, Graphic art, etchings, Canadian landscape.

By combining traditional techniques of etchings and collograph with his own process of dry point on copper over soft surface, he is able to use creative methods to reflect the richness and variety of his perceptions about our contemporary environment.

He has resided in Canada, Florida and California, where he had his own art publishing company, creating and printing limited editions of graphic art. Now he is back in Canada and living at the shores of Georgian Bay, where, in his studio, he is painting pictures, writing poetry and cookbooks.
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