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Nicola Read

Nicola Read was born in Hong Kong, and grew up in many countries around the world before eventually settling in Derbyshire, England. Raised in a family of artists, Read was encouraged to be creative and had access to various media through which to express herself. After finding traditional schools too rigid, Read studied photography in college, which helped her develop an eye for intriguing geometry, a skill that she uses in her paintings. After college, Read tried a number of careers, including jobs in PR, graphic design, marketing, and advertising, but did not seriously consider painting until a friend suggested that she take up the hobby again. Soon after Read began painting, she began to get commissions for her work and earned a spot in an Arts Festival exhibition.

Read is particularly interested in expressing emotion through her paintings, whether it be anger, sadness, or joy. She explores these emotions through color and form, and prefers expressing form through patterns found in nature, like a school of fish or a flock of birds.