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Paco Garcia

From his studio in the picturesque seaside town of Rosarito Beach, located between Tijuana and Ensenada, Paco G. formally known as Francisco Javier Garcia Zamora, paints his highly regarded Mediterranean-style landscapes. These are not only local favorites, but are gaining interest internationally as well.

Paco G's style can best be described as a form of interpretive impressionism. Using rising layers of paint to build an almost three-dimensional effect, he paints from the vantage point of someone relaxing in the shade of a veranda looking out past pillars of classical balconies that shows panoramic vistas of gentle seas lapping against rugged shorelines.

Today his paintings fetch five figures and are displayed in galleries throughout the hemisphere, while his fame has begun to spread throughout the world. The grace of his work is evident, offering a timeless feel that has to be applauded. Today, Paco G resides on the Baja Azure coastline, but travels frequently to Japan for art shows.