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Pepper Pepper

Pepper Pepper interacts with art in a way the majority of the population cannot experience. Born blind due to prenatal health issues, Pepper underwent numerous surgeries as a child to restore his sense of sight. As a result, he notices and treasures beauty that most people might overlook. He spent some of his teenage years at the Milan School of Art before continuing his studies in art and photography in college. He has applied his studies in numerous creative occupations, including graphic art, fashion photography, public relations correspondent, marketing consultant, and art auction organizer. When asked about his dedication to art, Pepper has explained, “I believe art can encourage dialogue … art heals … art can change the world. When nothing else matters, I am an artist because I want to make changes to this world, too.”

Over the years, Pepper has developed an unparalleled style using oils, acrylics, photography, and mixed-media artwork. His work is noted for pensive landscapes and luxurious floral and botanical creations, as well as the juxtaposition of his black and white photographs with the vibrant palettes of some of his paintings. Pepper brings inanimate images to life with light and shadow, positive and negative space, and colorful, exciting imagery, resulting in a synthesis of photorealism and impressionism His exciting and unique artwork has been well received around the world, earning him numerous awards and solo and group exhibitions. In addition to his contributions to the world of fine art, he has also earned a humanitarian award for his contributions to assisting the blind. Pepper’s paintings and photographs can be found internationally and in the United States in private, public, and corporate collections.