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Nelda Roberts, who sometimes uses the nom de plume "Pieper," did not intend to become a painter. She grew up in a small town in Texas where, at the age of 8, her father noticed a natural talent in hear childhood paintings. It was then that he decided to order an oil painting set for her. From that point on she painted everything she saw or imagined.

By the 1950’s Robert’s had become a professional artist and began to gain more and more recognition. She began painting portraits of prominent social, government, political, and celebrity figures, including Bob Hope.

Nelda Roberts paints in the style of impressionist that uses concise strokes of intermittent color. Other than the technical aspect, she is also famed for the incredible amount of scrutiny she brings to each subject. Her paintings are hung throughout Europe and North America in more than 500 personal, corporate, and museum collections.