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Ming Feng, "Wooded Estate" Original Oil Painting on Canvas, Hand Signed with Letter of Authenticity. Retail $2,450.00
Item #239127

This item is not currently available


20 x 16


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• Personal Service
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The process:

We will email suggestions. You can request further options and make special requests.

Only acid free materials contact the art for long term preservation. Paper works are framed with plexi.

Canvas works are typically framed without plexi so that the vibrancy and interaction with light can be best appreciated.

Framing may be cancelled at any point before actual framing work begins.

Quality Guarantee. You may return your item for a refund within 15 days (excluding shipping).

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on this service!

No additional charge for shipping. Alaska and Hawaii addresses will have a higher rate which you can see in your cart by the "custom frame it" option.

"Wooded Estate" is an original oil painting on stretched canvas by Ming Feng, hand signed by the artist. Includes Letter of Authenticity. Measures approx. 20" x 16" (image).

Ming Feng was born on June 14, 1957 in Guangzhou, China. Known as the "Flower City," Guangzhou is located in a subtropical area filled by lush trees, zigzagging rivers and peaceful brooks. In Fengs words: "Nature's beauty stirred my longing for art and its colorfulness gave wings to my imagination. I could not help but attempt to capture its beauty on paper. Perhaps that was the burgeoning of my passion for art. I was twelve." Ming attended the Guangzhou Municipal Teenage Art School. After graduation, he enrolled at the Guangzhou Art Academy. He studied artistic theories and the philosophy of both Western and Chinese art. Before moving to the United States in 1988, Ming was an acclaimed artist in his native China. In 1975, he worked as a set designer for the Modern Dance Troupe of Guangzhou. Later, for five years (1978 to 1982), he worked as a commercial artist for the Guangzhou Art Design Company. Ming has exhibited his works all over the world and has received numerous awards. His works are in the permanent collection of the Guangzhou Art Museum. He was honored by the Beijing People's Publishing House, which in 1982, published its yearly calendar dedicated solely to twelve of his paintings.

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