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Gail Rodgers, "Mickey Mouse" Hand Signed Original Hand Pulled Silkscreen Mixed Media on Canvas with Letter of Authenticity. Retail $600.00
Item #244487

This item is not currently available

mixed media

16 x 16


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Only acid free materials contact the art for long term preservation. Paper works are framed with plexi.

Canvas works are typically framed without plexi so that the vibrancy and interaction with light can be best appreciated.

Framing may be cancelled at any point before actual framing work begins.

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"Mickey Mouse" is an original hand pulled silkscreen and acrylic painting on canvas by Gail Rodgers. Hand signed by the artist, the piece comes with a letter of authenticity. This piece is meant to be gallery wrapped and measure approximately 23" x 23" and image dimensions (after stretching) 16" x 16" (image).

Almost from her birth in Worcester, Massachusetts, Gail Rodgers knew her life would follow a path infused with art – as a child, art was her companion and a safe haven for self-expression and she always had paper and a box of crayons in reach. After high school, Rodgers earned a summer scholarship to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and then enrolled at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia. At last she was receiving the formal training her natural talents craved and her artistic expression thrived. When reflecting upon this education, she explains, “I learned to value the concept, the idea, more than the execution. A painting is fine, but what about it? Art, like all living things, needs a soul.”

At the young age of 21, Rodgers established her own silkscreen company in her garage and spent the next fifteen years creating designs for minor clients as well as large companies, including Vuarnet and Warner Bros. In 1993 she accepted a position at an art gallery and eventually became the owner of Galerie 224 in Laguna Beach. A long-time denizen of Southern California, Rodgers describes how Los Angeles, where she currently lives, inspires her: “There is something about the city…the different nationalities…the different economic levels…the energy…the rawness…the graffiti…the dirtiness…the sadness…there is something beautiful in the human aspect of it all. I find beauty in the reality of our lives and as a graphic urban artist that is what I hope to portray.” The city has been the inspiration for her remarkable silkscreen paintings, both in its harsh urbanity and in the mellow, beaches and deserts that surround it.

Rodgers has amassed fans and collectors around the world, exhibiting and selling her art throughout the United States and abroad. Some of her creations have also appeared on popular television shows and in private and corporate collections including the NBC Studios, 20th Century Fox Television, Patti LaBelle, and Scott Weiland, among others.

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