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Lu Hong, "Equus" Limited Edition Serigraph on Rice Paper, Numbered and Hand Signed with Letter of Authenticity Retail $2,600.00
Item #251398

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40 x 26


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"Equus" is a limited edition serigraph on rice paper by Lu Hong, numbered and hand signed by the artist. Includes Letter of Authenticity. Measures approx. 45" x 32" (with border), 40" x 26" (image). Please note: there are minor tears and creases on the edges of the border that may be concealed when framed.

Lu Hong was born in Qin Huangdao, a coastal city in northeastern China. Weathering the harsh times that marked China's oppressive Cultural Revolution of the 1960's, Hong graduated high school and was already exhibiting a great talent for painting when a visit by his uncle sealed the boy's fate: Uncle Ting Shao Kuang was a great painter himself, indeed one of the respected leaders of the world-renowned contemporary Chinese art movement known as the Yunnan School. With his mentor on board, Hong went on to attend the most prestigious art school in China, the Central Academy of Design and Arts in Beijing, followed by a scholarship to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Following his uncle and continued artistic success, Hong moved to the United States in 1986.

Inspired by artists like Paul Klee, Modigliani, and Picasso and the music of Chopin, Mueller and Wagner, Hong continued to expand his horizons, finding his own unique voice and style after years spent suppressed by China's Communist regime. One of Hong's specialties is creating his multi-faceted original paintings on rice paper – an extremely delicate and temperamental material. He uses a variety of water based mediums, such as watercolor, gouache, Japanese mineral paints and Chinese stone paints. His composition takes form as an initial line drawing which is carefully rendered on the rice paper. He uses liquid acrylic to adhere this sheet to another sheet of rice paper, then mounts the artwork onto his painting board. Drawing the lines again over his initial sketching, painting over and over these fine lines with his chosen palette, and meticulously filling in all the smallest details, the finished artwork is cut from the painting board.

Since Segal Fine Art introduced his work during the 1987 New York Art Expo and Los Angeles Art Expo, Lu Hong became one of the most acclaimed contemporary Chinese artists. His works have been exhibited in Europe, Asia and North America, where he has had shows in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego and Honolulu, among others.

Lu Hong's works and exhibitions have been reviewed by many local and international publications, including The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Weekly, World News, China Daily News, Art in America, Art News and Architectural Digest.

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