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Ramon Dilley

Ramon Dilley is a French painter, engraver, lithographer and illustrator of Spanish origin who was born in Madrid in 1932. Dilley is a pseudonym and the exact civil status of the painter is Gomez Ramon y Romero. He comes from a family that took pride in having the Conquistadores Pizarro and Trujillo as ancestors.

The Spanish civil war forced the parents of Gomez Ramon y Romero to go into exile and they settled in Royan in 1936. The boy is impressed by the elegant atmosphere of the seaside resort and by the rich holiday-makers who frequent it. Back in Paris, he follows the advice of the auctioneer Maurice Rheims and takes for pseudonym Ramon Dilley. From his first exhibitions, Dilley finds his style.

The nostalgia of exile and periods of past happiness underlie his creation, where one finds elegant Thirties and legendary seaside resorts. Deauville, Trouville, Cannes, Nice are his favorite subjects, and he people these beaches in the fashion of frivolous and carefree characters