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RE Society

The RE Collection is inspired by vintage images created by artists from the Golden Age of Posters (1885-1939), and includes works by well-remembered artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Steinlen, and Cappiello. The process begins with a powerful Golden Age poster as selected by a panel of internationally prominent poster art experts and artists. Working directly from rare originals, a highly skilled contemporary artist draws each stone or plate by hand. Carefully selecting the ink to assure that each color is recreated to the exact, pristine colors of the poster as originally intended, the artist uses a separate hand-drawn plate for each color. From these hand-drawn plates, the Re edition is then pulled by a team of highly trained artisans using a rare flatbed Mariononi Voirin press manufactured in Paris in the 1800’s. These marvelous antique presses are by far the finest ever made for producing lithographs and only a few remain in the world. It is this time consuming, expensive “low-tech” fine art process—so different from today’s high- speed methods of mass-producing posters—that provides so much of the marvelous aesthetic qualities of the original vintage images.