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Robert Owen

Robert Owen is an American painter with a profoundly delicate brush, who paints paradoxical scenes which touch on the many concepts of humanity. Motivations, emotions, secrets, pathos and comedy are all depicted in Owens works. His stellar work is highly regarded by collectors and has recieved widespread acclaim from some of the country's most discriminating art critics. Owens paintings are found among many of the international affluent community's, art collectors with discerning eyes, and private homes all over the country. The clown is the subject most favored by Owen. Quite a few established contemporary artists have painted clowns much to the delight of many people including Picasso, Buffet, Ivor Rose and Walt Kuhn. Robert Owens has givin a new style to this subject and his canvases and limited edition prints are to be tresured and valued by those who own them for years to come.