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Robert Rosenberg

Born in 1962 in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan of the former USSR, Robert Rosenberg has been involved in the visual arts since he was a child. Rosenberg attended the Art College followed by the Art Institute in Alma-Ata. After living in Russia for a short while, he immigrated to Tzefat, Israel in 1994, a city known for its spiritual and artistic history.

Rosenberg’s artwork is often identified by the natural way he captures the intense, bright sunlight of the Mediterranean region, particular in Israel. The sun shines richly on the mountains and valleys, dapples the leaves of olive trees and pine forests, and shimmers on the surface of the Lake of Kineret and Rosenberg has the skill and the passion to capture these views. His creations also portray the varied moods of the seasons – “the regeneration of spring, the melancholy gloom of autumn and winter, and the exhausting glare of summer” – in a way that eludes many artists. A great deal of his skill lies in the masterful way he uses color, form, and composition in confident, bold ways. Inspired by his current home in the mystical city of Tzefat and by the places he has visited in the Galilee, Jerusalem, the Judean Desert, the Greek islands, and his birthplace, Kazakhstan, Robert Rosenberg creates illuminative artwork that is collected and exhibited world-wide.