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Robert White



Robert K. White was born in Salinas, California in 1950. At an early age in the Monterey Valley, Robert became aware of his artistic talents. The stark and beautiful coast gave him freedom of spirit that shines throughout his work. Like John Steinbeck in that same region, his early years were spent observing familiar people and places, from the Salinas Valley to the Monterey Coast, which made a lasting impression on him.

Though he has never had any formal training or instruction, Robert White has many unsought accolades for his work around the world. He has refined his techniques through a painstaking study of the masters, uncovering many forgotten methods used by the great masters of the past.

The work of Robert White has been collected and commissioned by well-known celebrities, fine art connoisseurs, and corporations from around the world and is featured in a wide array of public and private collections.
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