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Roberta Peck

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Roberta Peck graduated from Kent State University with a double degree in Fine Arts and Art Education in 1969. Thereafter, she spent two years studying European art, focusing primarily on classic sculpture and bas relief.

After predominantly working in traditional casting and sculpting media, Roberta began to seek media and methods that would allow for sculptural images that were not heavy and cumbersome. She was not satisfied with mechanical devices, such as vacuum forming or intaglio, which do not allow for deep sharp detail. After much experimentation she and her husband, Asa, worked out a method of hand casting that allowed for the creation of dramatic, yet delicate sculptural relief that seem to float within a frame.

Today, she is well known for her nudes of both male and female figures and her feminine images of dancers and ladies in various states of motion and relaxation. The wonderful texture and dazzling contrast of the white hand cast paper she uses adds to the drama of her instantly recognizable pieces.

Roberta's works enjoy global acclaim and continue to delight both critics and collectors.