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Slava Brodinsky

Slava Brodinsky is known as a master of ‘painting the light,’ capturing the beaming of the sun in his landscapes. His images are textured and have a feel of earthiness, accomplished by his use of rough brushes, impasto, and mixing the paint with natural components such as sand. Brodinsky's methods are inspired by and build upon the painters whom he recieved inspiration from. Born in Birobidjan, Eastern Russia, in 1955 Brodinsky dedicated himself to painting from a young age. As a young boy, Brodinsky attended art school, and after serving in the Soviet Army, he retuned to his hometown and studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Birobidjan, graduating with honors in 1979.

During the eighties Brodinsky painted memorable works and took part in exhibitions throughout the U.S.S.R. In 1991, Brodinsky emigrated with his family to Israel. The topography of the country, the views of the Galilee in Northern Israe in particular, became a reoccuring theme in his work. A unique strain of sunlight and a new countryside provided inspiration for his pallet and started a new period in his artistic development. Brodinsky’s work is shown and collected all over the United States, Canada, Israel, Russia, France, England and Japan. He has had various one-man and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.