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Susan Patricia

Born in Los Angeles, California, Susan Patricia showed artistic talent from a very early age. Recognizing this, her parents enrolled her in art classes when she was only in kindergarten. After completing high school, Susan Patricia earned a degree in Technical Illustration from the Los Angeles Trade Technical College before studying computer graphics, surface pattern design and photography at the Otis Parson School of Design as well as the University of California, Los Angeles.

Over the years, Susan Patricia has developed a unique style of artistry. Discovering silk painting while vacationing in Playa Blanca, Mexico, she began applying her background in technical illustration to this medium. Soon, she was hired by Club Med in Playa Blanca to teach her skills to others while experimenting with the techniques of silk painting and refining her own style. Particularly fascinated by the vibrant, bold, and shimmering hues of the French dyes used in silk painting, she creates precise Realist paintings of tropical scenes and vibrant underwater life. She travels around Europe, Central America, and the South Pacific to find inspiration for her art. She currently divides her time between Southern California and Hawaii.

These travels have also afforded Susan Patricia the opportunity to exhibit her artwork in galleries around the world, including the United States, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Guam, and Japan. She has been remarkably well-received and her work has been commissioned by major international companies such as Hawaiian Airlines, Architectural Digest, and Hyatt Regency Hotels, in addition to greeting cards, calendars, and puzzles. Susan Patricia’s original work and fine art reproductions can be found all around the world.