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Vadim Zanginian

Born in 1965 in Armenia, Vadim Zanginian began painting from a young age. He pursued formal art training at the Erevan State Art and Theater College where he studied Russian academic traditions. After graduating in 1989, he quickly rose in the local art world, winning first prize for Best Advertisement Design at the Professional Advertising Design Competition in Erevan, Armenia in 1991. The following year he emigrated from Armenia to Los Angeles to complete his Master's degree in Fine Arts. Since 1994, Zanginian has worked as a graphic designer for major companies and individuals, including Guess, Harley Davidson, the Hard Rock Cafe, Cher, Paul McCartney, and The Moody Blues.

Zanginian currently works at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art as an instructor while simultaneously exhibiting and selling his work in fine art galleries in the United States and Canada.