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Victor Zarou

Zarou, well known French Artist, was born in Gassin (1930), a small village near Saint-Tropez. His earlier childhood were surrounded with French Art Culture. Zarou's father Tony Cardella, was a well known French Impressionist painter.

Zarou, following the footsteps of his father, made his first exhibition at the age of twelve, and made then this first sale. After two years of military service as french paratrooper, Zarou was in Paris to complete his studies at the Art Academy Julian in 1955. At this time his career started with numerous individual exhibitions throughout France, including Cannes, Nice and Lyon. Zarou exhibited in famous art galleries in Geneva (Switzerland) and Stockholm (Sweden). He also has been honored to take part together with Chagall, Dali, and Picasso's exhibition.

In 1971, the city of Paris awarded Zarou the Silver Medal for his distinguished work, and in 1980, he was honored with the highest award "the Gold Medal of Honor". He is also Commander of the French Artists society order.