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Vilma Rohena

Vilma Rohena has spent her life fascinated by the film industry and in time grew interested by how computer technology is utilized in films. Whenever she watched films, she would be in awe of the technical expertise involved in creating special effects and she took mental notes on how she might incorporate these techniques in her own artistic endeavors. When a natural disaster left her with few personal possessions, Rohena took the time she was granted in such a horrible way to change her life for the better. She soon realized that the passion for the arts she had harbored since her youth was something she had to finally pursue. Using all those mental notes she had accumulated over the years, Rohena has developed a personal style in the visual and particularly digital arts that is attracting increasing attention.

Rohena begins her process with her own photography. She then manipulates, enhances, and breathes new life into with digital technology. Her work is more than just a digitally manipulated snapshot – Rohena reveals up her creative soul through the composition, subject matter, and schemes of her work. Through this personal involvement in the field of digital art, which can often seem detached from the artist, Rohena has earned a number of awards, been published in magazines, and been invited to display her artwork in dozens of exhibitions over the last few years.