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Yanni Posnakoff

Yanni Posnakoff has been consumed with angels since he began to draw them when he was four years old. So preoccupied is Posnakoff with angels that he has vowed to create one hundred thousand angels in his lifetime, but to date is still far from the figure. He insists that angels come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. "I used to see them as a child, even now I see them in some people," he explains. He has illustrated two books on the subject, Children's Letters to God (a best-seller which has been translated into seven languages) and Ask Your Angels (Balentine Press). He is himself angelic and volunteered his time and energies in community programs aimed at encouraging youngsters to engage in creative activities. In 1988 he founded the Angel Gallery in New York City and kept the door open 24-hours a day. It became such a refuge for the homeless that Posnakoff himself moved out of his apartment and lived in the gallery in order to care for the homeless.