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Yasna Godovanic

Born and raised in Russia, Yasna Godovanik comes from a family of engineers who imbued her with their infectious creativity. Her grandfather was a master making drawings, and her mother painted wonderful saturated watercolors in her free time. From early childhood, Godovanik honed her artistic abilities and developed a preference for working with acrylic paints.

By the time she reached high school, she had decided to make painting her profession. She entered a design class at the Borisenkov family's art studio, and already during her second year there she began participating in exhibitions. Since then, she has exhibited her work also within the framework of a group of artists known as the Art Hive. In addition to painting full-size works, Ms. Godovanik works with miniature paintings. This direction brought her many awards at Russian and international competitions. In 2012, she discovered a new favorite form of art - hand painting. This type of graphic representation has left a mark on her other works, adding accuracy and refinement to their details.

In 2017 Godovanik made aliyah to Israel. According to her, the country's beauty and brightness inspires her to continue developing her skills and creating new and wonderful works of art.

Godovanik uses a combination of broad and narrow brush strokes to create a three-dimensional sense of motion. This effect is enhanced by the contrast of colors making up the figures and the background. She finds these methods to be an excellent way to convey the feeling of impending movement that characterizes her subjects, which are usually animals in the wild. For instance, when painting birds, her intention is to provide the viewers with sufficient information so that they can imagine the animals moving their heads and then flying away. Her goal is to make her subjects come alive in the viewers' minds.